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Bespoke Metalwork

Forging Matters excel at Bespoke Metalwork and our passion, knowledge and experienced team ensures that each piece is a perfect complement to its surroundings. We work with you on every stage: from our free design service, through selection of materials to final fitting. It's the only way we can be certain of maintaining the standards you expect.

Forging Matters have been commissioned to create a wide range of Bespoke Metalwork pieces and the only limit is your imagination. These include gates, pergolas, railings, public art, percent for art, sculpture, signs, wall art and steel windows and doors.

For further information please refer to the case studies to show you the level of service you can expect from us. For a selection of past commissions please see the images of bespoke metalwork page. For up to date information on lead times and pricing please refer to the 'about' page.