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Entrance Gates

We were approached by a private client who required two pairs of entrance gates for the new driveways to his house.
Initial discussions focussed on ensuring that we could deliver the best possible gates at the right price by exchanging various images, sketches and options by email. Once we we were both clear on the approach and the approximate budget we arranged a visit to discuss the project in more detail.

As part of the visit we familiarised ourselves with the location to ensure anything we decided would be relevant and the design developed into a fairly traditional design in above average material sizes for the size of the gates. Exact finial details were chosen and to create a link between the entrances and the property the most bespoke part of the gates became a set of centre features which reflect an existing leaded glass window next to the front door.

Following acceptance of our formal project proposal and drawing by the client we then proceeded to conduct a full survey of the site to ensure a seamless fit. The gates and centre feature detailing were drawn up for specification purposes and once we recieved the raw materials, finials, laser cutting and section bending from our suppliers they were assembled to our usual high standards.
The scroll work for the centres was hand forged to ensure it matched the size and design of the gates and the centre features were heated, chiseled and shaped to create a three dimensional look and bring them to life.

Once completed the gates were sent off for zinc treatment and powder coating, the centre detailing was hand painted to complete the look. We then fitted the gates to the existing piers and underground openers.

Initial sketches.
Existing window.
CAD drawing of window detailing.
Drawing of proposed gates.
Completed gates.