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Leaf Sculpture and Seating

We were approached by Radian Housing to revisit a percent for art project for a housing development in Shirley, Southampton, we had tendered for previously. The name Shirley means 'bright wood' or 'bright meadow' and our proposal focused on a central area of the development which we aimed to a make more welcoming place for the residents to use with this in mind.

Following a meeting with Radian where this concept was developed further it was decided that the full community consultation included in the original proposal was not practical at this point and that we would present the residents with a more sculptural option and a more practical option replacing the existing benches. In the event both options proved equally popular and we came to an arrangement that made the creation of the sculptures and seating possible.

The grasses, leaves and flowers that make up the sculptures and benches were all hot forged and shaped in 6mm flat and a selection of round mild steel before final cold setting, welding and fettling to create the work. The leaves are all veined and then dished before being welded to a centre stem and further rigidity comes from the interplay between the various components during final assembly.

The work was hot dip galvanised, fettled and painted in a two pack epoxy finish to create a durable finish while giving us the freedom to play with the colouring of the leaves and flowers.

Final installation was done by means of large pins welded to the bottom of the sculptures which are secured into concrete bases with epoxy resin.

Drawings of the proposed work.
Images of the production process.
Completed sculptures.