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Patina Wall Sculpture

We were approached by Jigsaw Interior Design to create a metal wall art piece for the lounge of one of their projects.

Building on our experience in patinating metals for architectural purposes we conducted research and experiments to greatly expand the range of finishes and colours we could offer and the exact colours and textures to be used in the wall art were decided during a visit of the interior designers and the client to our premises.

The processes required for these patinas were scaled up to the size of the plates required and the brass and copper plates were cut, prepared, coloured and sealed with wax.
The supporting structure was produced in mild steel with thin plates protruding from the wall to hold the coloured plates. These were attached with a strong flexible adhesive for a tough yet strong bond.

We have subsequently developed smaller versions of this concept which can be produced in larger numbers at a reasonable price which come in five different colour variations. Images can be found on the Images of Sculpure & Public Art page, please feel free to contact us for further details.

Initial brief.
Patina process.
Completed art work.