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Bespoke Staircase Balustrade

We were approached by the architect responsible for the refurbishment of a large country house. The central hallway had a new cantilever staircase in Portland stone and the client had seen an old picture of a staircase balustrade in a magazine which they felt would suit this staircase well.

The balusters we designed to match the balustrade in the image has laser cut and fabricated components, machined castings in sg iron and a brass centre section with an aged bronze patina.

During the approval process we supplied drawings, construction drawings and examples of the finish and the patina. Once approved we conducted a detailed site survey from which we created CAD drawings to work out exact spindle lengths.

All transitions and volutes were drawn up for approval by the client before we created the smoothly flowing core rails to join the individual balusters together. We pride ourselves on creating seamless core rails for the most difficult of transitions.

The stairs were marked by us with the locations of each spindle so they could be drilled by the developer. All steel components were painted in an off-black and the bronze patina was waxed before the balusters and core rails were installed using epoxy resin.

The core rail was then scanned by a specialist handrail supplier so the oak handrail follows it exactly, the handrails were machined, installed by the contractor and French polished to complete the staircase balustrade.

Staircase balustrade research.
Staircase balustrade drawings.
Completed staircase balustrade.