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Metal Finishes

Achieving the right finish is essential if the work is to fit in harmoniously with the colour schemes and elements around it and we have developed a large range of finishes to ensure we can meet the most discerning requirements.

Metal Patination & Bronzing

We have conducted fairly extensive experiments on the range of patina's that can be achieved on non-ferrous metals, focussing initially on copper and brass.
Projects we are currently using these patinas for include wall sculptures and the bronzing of brass components. Depending on the colour and finish required this can take from one to ten days.


Following various enquiries for colours like 'Champagne Stainless' we have now developed the ability to achieve controlled tempering colours which are caused by an effect called thin-film interference. These are traditionally used to gauge the colour of steel for hardening purposes.
The colours are very effective and decorative on stainless steel and much more natural looking than powder coating or painting trying to achieve the same effect.
Colours that can be achieved through this process include yellows ranging from a very light hue to dark straw, brown, purple, blue, blue-black and deep-black.

Brush, Wax or Rust and Polish

On interior forged work we often accentuate the natural colour of the materials by wire brushing, this is then sealed in with beeswax or a good quality furniture wax which will form a beautiful deep sheen.
Materials like Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Brass can be taken a stage further by polishing them to a high shine. In some cases this can be done by a process called electro-polishing, in others it requires some old fashioned elbow grease to achieve the right finish.
Where work wants to look rust coloured, whether it is in cor-ten or mild steel, we have developed a process to achieve a good even rust finish over the course of a couple of days. This can then be sealed in with wax for interior work or left to develop for outdoor applications.

Paint and Powder

Most exterior painted work is galvanised or zinc treated prior to finishing to ensure long lasting rust protection.
We use high quality, durable paint finishes which are available in a large range of colours. Apart from the standard colours available we mix our own formulas to achieve a range of colour shades very similar to brushed natural steel and iron.
Alternatively the work can be powder coated for a tougher (but slightly more brittle) finish. This is available in a large range as well and we have sourced powders to achieve a similar shade to the paint colours mentioned above.


Brass and stainless look stunning in a polished finish of course and this can be used to highlight individual components like a handrail or on an entire project if you are looking for a really sparkly finish. We can offer an electro polished finish which shines up the surface but leaves any forged textures intact or a full mirror polish.

Anodising and Plating

Both of these finishes involve suspending the work in tanks and there are therefore some contraints on the size of the components. Anodising produces a range of colours on aluminium, it also hardens the surface. Plating can be done in a range of metals from nickel and chrome through to gold, for some plating processes the best results are achieved on brass.

Metal Arc Spraying

Another way to produce a thin layer of a different metal on the work is metal arc spraying, this is used for a range of industrial anti corrosion and coating treatments but it can also be used bronz and other copper based alloys. The finish is slightly textured and needs additional polishing to achieve a decorative finish.